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D.Gray-man episode 22 and 23. Most exciting episodes of D.Gray-man I've ever seen

Wednesday, April 18th, 2007

The episode 23 and 23 of D.gray-man are most exciting episodes of D.gray-man I've ever seen. I cannot stop watching when I finished the episode 23. So I continue to watching the next one.

What is the identity of Arystar CrowelyArystar Krory? What about Eliade? What does she want? What are the secrets of them? Dropping the veil of them, the story is turning over.

Level 2 of Akumas get egos. Eliade, one of them, want to do love. She behave obviously; killing humans, the object of Akuma, is not the first priority. She wants to live with Aleister in the castle. Finally she is killed by him.

Anyway, the word , appearing short time on the screen and meaning love in Korean, is not widely used in Korea. is oriented from Chinese word , while 사랑 is pure Korean word. The word, 사랑 is most widely used to mean love.