Akazukin Chacha ep 72: this IS the gag of Akazukin Chacha

The comics of Akazukin Chacha are full of unexpected wits; those are so funny. However the anime versions of it are not so many of them. Most types of gags are homonym gags; I cannot fully understand because I’m not native Japanese.

On the episode 72, I got so funny impression.

Shiine and Riiya are pursued by a leather dresser.

Chacha appears and covers them.

Chacha summons a big rock. But it doesn’t work.

Chacha’s second attack. Chacha summons a big column of water. The enemy is pressed to defense it. Chacha summons a pit for last attack.

I think that the leather dresser concentrates upon defensing. By summoning a pit, he would lose his valance and tumble over. However…

The pit is summoned beneath the Chacha’s feet. Therefore the enemy loses his target and go away. Consequently Chacha rescues Riiya and Siine.

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